Photovisions Wedding Photography Style


As a Wedding Photojournalist Steve is observant to his surroundings and lighting conditions.  “The light is one of the most important elements of photography, it forms a mood, and using it creatively helps capture images that embrace time”. His years of experience, guide him to the perfect location. He positons his camera at the precise angle and waits for that perfect expression, motion or glance, “being patient is sometimes the most important  piece to the puzzle”.


Whether you love the camera or not, Steve will make sure he gives  you as much direction as you need to create natural, comfortable poses.

Steve is always paying attention to unflattering angles or harsh lighting.  At the same time, Steve creates an environment where you’re going to feel at ease and that’s why he captures such beautiful natural portraits.



Steve uses flash photography to enhance his images but only when necessary.  He prefers natural light but when ambient light is not enough, Steve has developed  flash techniques that mimic the mood of natural light.


Whether it’s adding textures, adding grain, removing blemishes, or any other post production, Steve personally enhances his images. “To me post production is as important to my images as clicking the shutter,  I want to be apart of the entire process”.  


The details of your wedding are important and give your wedding your personal signature. Steve will document these elements, in a creative style.


High Dynamic Range Photography incorporates 3 images into one which creates a very stylized dramatic image where details are enhanced. This emphasis produces beautiful sunsets, clouds, and backgrounds.